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These courses are intended for people who have a passive knowledge of the French language but feel the need to develop or improve their active communication skills within the multi-national and multi-lingual community of the present day UAE, where French is so often the primary language.

Course structure: Courses are conducted in eight levels; each level builds on the language skills already acquired from school/university or work experience, or from the skills taught at the previous level. At each level, the course carefully combines listening and speaking skills.

Note: All of the activities in these courses are designed to build the student's confidence in terms of using the language and, as such, requires a high level of student participation. Many of the activities involve students working with each other to practice the language so that their fluency is increased. Every effort is made to ensure that the class atmosphere is relaxed yet purposeful, and students are encouraged to try out and practice their language without fear of making mistakes. The purpose of these courses is to help people communicate.

Level: The eight level courses offered are as follows: (A test is conducted to assess the student's proficiency level)

  1. Level 1 & 2 - Beginner.
  2. Level 3 & 4 - Pre-Intermediate.
  3. Level 5 & 6 - Intermediate.
  4. Level 7 &8 Advanced

Course duration: The whole course is spread over a period of 1 month with flexible days and times to fit your schedule.

Course Fees: Most competitive in town with credit carry forward facility.


Course Description: This program endeavors to teach the learners the many sources of learning French, mainly focusing on confidence building; nurturing speaking skill, personality development and accent modification. As the Country is moving towards globalization; the magnitude of interacting with people from different parts of the world for academic, business; for tourism and for many other reason are escalating, and hence the demand for building communicative skill in French is intensifying. Hence; the scheme aims to endow learner to fully appreciate the importance of using French in their day to day dealings,and to approach the functional aspect of language learning with enthusiasm; surpassing fear of communication in French at the national and international level.

Course structure:

  1. Confidence building and help learners to challenge themselves to speak French with confidence.
  2. Train learners to speak French language from global perspective.
  3. Conversation on matters relating to day to day dealings, including building social skills.
  4. Vocabulary building and Grammar rules in conversation.
  5. Accent modification, open a quick talk in French ; focusing on French etiquette and manners.
  6. Using phrases, expressions, smiles and binomials in conversation. 
  7. Significance of silent letters in conversation.
  8. Public speaking (debates, presentation, seminar, extempore speech, and facing interviews)

Level: There will be two levels, intermediate and advance.

Credit hours: The whole course duration is spread over a period of 1 month offering flexible days and times to fit your schedule.

Co-requisite: Basic knowledge of French .